VeteranCraft’s Community Event #6: Dodgeball!

Welcome to VeteranCraft’s sixth community event! This week we will be having dodgeball, a fun game that TSWG created the arena and idea for.


There will be another portal leading to it from spawn.

What to Bring

Like last time, you need to bring nothing! Everything, including food, is given to you.

Date and Time

The date will be Friday, August 3rd, and the time will be at 3:00 PST (6:00 EST). Try to be on at least 30 minutes beforehand. It’s okay if you can’t though.


  • No perks
  • No weapons
  • No inventory (items are given)
  • No modifying the arena
  • Two teams
  • Do not complain about who wins, loses, or anything. Just have fun!
  • Enjoy!


Winning Team – 25,000 Shillings

How to Play

Players will be given chicken eggs and iron armor. Each team/set of players will be put on two platforms. The first team to defeat all opponents on the other team will win.

How to Join

You can join by posting here: At the event we will choose two captains. These two captains will choose players one by one to be on their team.

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