VeteranCraft Test Server is Live!


Here it was almost a week ago that I thought we’d be done with upgrades by now. Had this been a regular update that would have probably held true. Even so, we underestimated some of the technical issues that arose from a nearly 100% overhaul of our server environment. Configuration management implementation wasn’t difficult, but required a lot of nit-picky details to be aligned before it worked as we wanted it to work. Our CM is the cat’s meow! Granted this is only something that software engineers and/or analysts would get tickled pink about, but still this is going to make bug tracking, updates, and configuration changes a breeze. Everything is tracked and audited letting us quickly see how and what things changed over time without having to pour over dozens of emails, notes, forum posts, or whatever else we used to communicate such things in the past. Case in point, once all the tools were in place, it was a matter of minutes to deploy three servers – BungeCoord, The Hub, and Spigot19 on our production systems.

I had some hesitation about switching to PermissionEx as our de facto permissions system. It took a while to get confident in the manner in which it handled permission, particularly when it comes to inheritance from one group to the next. In the end (no pun intended) it was the right move and we’re already considering contributing some feature enhancements to the project.

Okay, enough techy babble. I’m certain that is not what concerns our members the most.

Server Address

The Hub

Upon initially logging in you will find yourself at The Hub. This is a concept launching point to other servers that we have been kicking around for some time. There isn’t much to be done here other than going to a portal elsewhere. Eventually, there will be portals to Arda, The Trials, older worlds, and more. For now, one thing at a time.

You will also see a couple of new plugins in action here. For example, you should notice the large metal-embossed VeteranCraft logo at the center of the hub. While in-game map art isn’t anything new, it tended to be fraught with problems due to bad plugin designs. We’re in the process of updating one of such plugins to provide better management and capabilities such as banners and higher-resolution informational posters. This plugin will also support future in-game promotion of sponsors and other supporters of VeteranCraft.

As you head out to the Spigot portal don’t expect to find our run-of-the-mill portal. We’re using the Citizens plugin to spawn NPCs that can perform various functions. Initially, they are portal stewards. BTW, we are looking for a good skin for these guys that would further highlight their function. As you approach, the NPC will speak and inform you what options you have. We are strongly considering using these guys as ship/airship captains to ferry off players to their destinations in lieu of Multiverse portals. At this point that is only a consideration, not a given.


There isn’t too much at the Spigot19 spawn location other than a few Kit Signs that will provide you with some essential stuff. Mind you, these items are for helping you along. The are not intended to provide you with all the latest and greatest items. That you will have to do yourself. As one of the signs says, if the items provided are not enough or not to your satisfaction, start punching some trees! Laugh

Spigot19 Plugins

The only user-specific plugins currently running on Spigot19 is Essentials. You will be able to set homes and use other utility commands. Sponsor permissions are active in this world and thus will provide access to other commands.

On the Drawing Board

The following plugins are currently in the process of being tested.

  • WorldEdit – e.g. compass, ascend, descend, etc.
  • Some economy plugin or if none can be found that is good enough, we’ll continue with iConomy for the short-term.
  • XPVault
  • GriefPrevention

Member Testing

We strongly encourage members to try to break, err… test things provided that it is not malicious or directed against other players. When you find an issue that is related to our plugins, configuration, etc. please feel free to report them in this thread. We can’t do anything about Minecraft bugs, though if they are very problematic, it would still be good to give them a mention here.

Player Inventories

Please make note of this!!! While we will try to keep it to a minimum, we may need to reset player data from time to time, which includes inventories. We strongly suggest to create a small hidden base and use the chests from the kits to squirrel away your stash, including anything on you (e.g. armor, weapons, inventory, etc.). Do this every time before you log off and you will be guaranteed that your items survive. For anyone reading this after the fact; you will find me unsympathetic. I’ve already got a pool going for who will be the first victims – frankly, it includes anyone that doesn’t take the time to read threads that others took the time to write for them.

In Summary

I’m certain that I missed mentioning a few things and I know that most of our members will be more than willing to provide constructive criticism.

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