VeteranCraft is Moving to New Servers

If you have not been following the 1.12.2 release posts in the past few days, we had accelerated a move to new hardware sooner than expected. To ensure that things go as smoothly as possible, Arda will be shutdown at 10:00 PM EST today 11/12/17. I apologize for the short notice but it caught us by surprise also.

Our new servers are up and ready in that the hardware is running and working as expected. We still have to finish installation, configuration, and testing of additional software components, tools, jigs, and maybe even a kitchen sink. This has to be done with no tolerance for errors as these systems will provide the infrastructure that support current and future Minecraft servers and related services.

We expect that once this is complete, we should find it relatively easy to add Arda back and deploy it. Please understand that this is a move from one server to another. This is not an update. When that will happen is uncertain; rest assured that it is the second priority after getting the infrastructure up and running.

Domain names and IP addresses should remain unaffected. Please pardon any typos as I wrote this in haste will pulling huge amounts of data of our old servers. Even with a 1 Gbps backbone, some files take a bit of time.

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