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VeteranCraft’s Community Event #6: Dodgeball!

Welcome to VeteranCraft’s sixth community event! This week we will be having dodgeball, a fun game that TSWG created the arena and idea for. Location There will be another portal leading to it from spawn. What to Bring Like last time, you need to bring nothing! Everything, including food, is given to you. Date and […]

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VeteranCraft’s Community Event #4: Build Off!

THE NEW TIME IS SATURDAY, JULY 21st. STILL AT 3:00 PST AND 6:00 EST.   Hello and welcome to our fourth community event! This week we will be having another build off, however this time it will be different. Keep reading to find out more.. Theme and Location The theme for this build off will […]

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VeteranCraft Build Off #1

Hello, this is ryanpitts. I am here to bring you Vetronia’s first Build-Off! This is where five to six competitors will build to the best of their capabilities to win great rewards. Time and Place The time will be at 3:00 PST on June 2 (Saturday). The place to meet will be at spawn in […]

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