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Hunger Games Community Event

Hello and welcome to our third ever Hunger Games event! We hope to have a good turnout, and that everyone has a good time. Information In the Hunger games, players are placed in an arena and must fight to the death until one player becomes victorious. You enter the arena with absolutely nothing, and you […]

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Official Hunger Games Rules & FAQ – Event This Friday!

TIME AND PLACE OF EVENT: SERVER: play.veterancraft.net TIME: 7:00pm (EST) 4:00pm (PST) WARP: /spawn, then follow the path to the warp PRIZE: 30,000 Shillings to the sole winner! HUNGER GAMES RULES: Rules & Gameplay (Competitor): Players must show up and be equipped to play upon starting time.  (20 minutes allocated) Players may have ONE stack […]

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VeteranCraft’s One Year Anniversary Event & Livestream

Minecraft Hunger Games & Spleef

Can you believe it’s been 1 year already?  This will be Veterancraft’s second community event, but more importantly, it’s one year anniversary event! 12 or 16 opponents will face off to find out who the winner of this huge event is. Time and Place It will take place right after the 3:07  P.M. PST. restart. […]

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