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VeteranCraft’s Community Event #4: Build Off!

THE NEW TIME IS SATURDAY, JULY 21st. STILL AT 3:00 PST AND 6:00 EST.   Hello and welcome to our fourth community event! This week we will be having another build off, however this time it will be different. Keep reading to find out more.. Theme and Location The theme for this build off will […]

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Build Off Winners & Video

Hello fellow Veterans! I sincerely hope you all enjoyed our build off event today, and I hope you are also looking forward to our next competition.   I would like to give a tremendous thank you to LightWarriorK, Terrorisly, Sibbit, and Spentxlr8tion not just for doing the bulk of the work in helping set up […]

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VeteranCraft’s One Year Anniversary Event & Livestream

Minecraft Hunger Games & Spleef

Can you believe it’s been 1 year already?  This will be Veterancraft’s second community event, but more importantly, it’s one year anniversary event! 12 or 16 opponents will face off to find out who the winner of this huge event is. Time and Place It will take place right after the 3:07  P.M. PST. restart. […]

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