St. Paddy’s Day Event

While Leprechauns were wary of those celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, they dropped their guard and lost their treasure. The fiends, they said, were odd-looking green creatures with four feet and no arms. Their Pot of Gold was found not far away, but all its contents were gone. How they made away with the pot in the first place, having no arms, after all, remains a mystery.

Attempts to capture and question these sulfurous-smelling creatures have failed. Rather than speak, they detonate themselves into oblivion. Although that garnered some respect with the mischievous Leprechauns themselves, it resulted in no answers; other than that they are Creepers.

Thankfully, one of the tidier Leprechauns discovered some gold bits and dust among the ashes while sweeping away remains of departed critters. It is believed that the creepers made away with the treasure by swallowing it, some more, some less. For the size of the stolen treasure, rumored to be vast, it must have been hundreds, if not thousands.

The Leprechauns need help in gathering up their lost treasures and will gladly share some of the wealth with adventurous players that aid them. But time is of essence. The nitric acid in creeper stomachs will eventually dissolve the gold making it impossible to reclaim. Dispatching them before they can annihilate themselves is the only way to get any gold back.

Be cautioned! The gold is laced with magic making creepers invulnerable to damage from projectiles, pets, and weapons wielded by invulnerable attackers. The magics do not appear to counter enchantments on weapons or armor.

Any willing adventurer is encourage to gear up and hunt down these thieves. Just make sure to leave the personal shield (a.k.a. /god) at home.



The event will last till Monday 23:59 EDT.

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