VeteranCraft is currently not accepting sponsorship during this transition period.

Name Prefix
Default: None
[Knight] [Bishop] [Ambassador] [Viceroy]
(Or your own custom title)
Name Color
Default: Gray
Orange Light Green Dark Red Dark Blue
Default: None
VC§6,000/mo VC§15,000/mo VC§39,000/mo VC§100,000/mo
Homes (warp points)
Default: 5
9 15 21 27
Access to /xpvault
Default: No
Access to /ptp (teleport in a party)
Default: No
Access to /heal
Default: No
Access to /jumpto compass
Default: No
Access to /tp command (teleport
to any player)
Default: No
Access to /god command
Default: No
Access to /spa (Superpick)
Default: No
Custom title
Default: No



  • Subscription reconciliation is still a manual process. Sponsorship subscriptions will be processed as soon as possible, but it may take up to 48 hrs to complete.
  • You can cancel your PayPal subscription at any time before your next auto-billing date.
  • No refunds will be made apart from our Service Guarantee.


Service Guarantee

VeteranCraft has been operating since June 2011 and we continue to remain committed to the longevity of VeteranCraft, LLC and it services. However, in the unlikely event that VeteranCraft has to cease operations, we will refund 100% sponsorship contributions made within 30 days of the service termination date.

No refunds on sponsorship payments, apart from guarantee. Any player who attempts to reverse a payment from their bank will be permanently banned for life without the possibility to ever return to VeteranCraft.


Veterancraft, LLC is not affiliated with Mojang AB – the makers of Minecraft™. By making a payment to Veterancraft, LLC you are not making a payment to Mojang AB or buying/renting the Minecraft client, server, or plugin(s) software. Sponsorship payments to Veterancraft, LLC are used to fund costs for providing a game hosting server platform and ancillary services, which include, but are not limited to hardware, software, maintenance, configuration, development, administration, and support. All support issues and questions related to Veterancraft, LLC, its games, services, and operations should be directed to Veterancraft. Issues and questions regarding Minecraft should be directed to Mojang AB.