Spleef Event

On Saturday April 11th, 2015, VeteranCraft will be hosting a Spleef Event.

Competitors will be armed with a diamond shovel, with the goal of knocking their enemies into the deep dark ocean below. Each game will be an all-in, the winner awarded 5,000.00 shillings each.

In addition to the prizes below, if enough sand is gathered  at /spawn to illuminate the lamp – we will be doubling the prizes.


Saturday April 11th, 2015
6:00 PM Eastern
Warp Sign at Spawn


  1. Competitors must be online one half hour before the event begins.


The winner of each round will win 5,000.00 shillings.


Q: How do we sign up for the event?
A: Fill out the form below and post it on the forum thread!

What time do I need to be online?:

Q: May we use donor perks?
A: No.

Q: May we bring food?
A: Yes, you may bring as much food as you want.

Q: Can we wear armor?
A: It is not necessary.

Q: I have a question not answered here, or something I would like clarified. Where do I ask?
A: Please ask in the attached thread.

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