Spigot 1.13 Development Server Coming Soon

After a week and and a half of pouring over Minecraft/Spigot changes, adapting plugins, patching 3rd-party plugins, etc. we finally have a slate of reasonably stable plugins lined up. Our initial plan was to start small with one or two plugins and update as others are updated. However, given that many of our plugins inter-operate with each other, it would have results in many updates and even some map wipes. Thus, we held off until we had a larger slate of our plugins and some third-party ones ready.

I expect that we will be pushing the 1.13 test server to the data center today (Saturday, 8/4) sometime in the afternoon/early evening hours.

Accessing Servers

All server are accessible at play.veterancraft.net. Which server you reach depends upon which Minecraft Client version is used. 1.13 clients will connect to the 1.13 test server; 1.12.x clients will connect to The Hub, through which the 1.12.2 test server can be accessed.

We will be updating The Hub also sometime soon. Once that is done, 1.12.x clients will connect directly to the 1.12.2 test server, and 1.13.x clients will connect to The Hub through which they can reach the 1.13 server.

Before we get ready for an official Arda update, we will make Arda accessible also using a 1.8 client to allow members to check and squirrel away stuff they might consider important.

I realize that supporting multiple versions makes this a bit obfuscated, but it should get simpler as progress is made.

The Gory Details

The server will sport the following plugins:

  • Citizens 2 for providing portal stewards
  • EssentialX for the usual fare of commands (e.g. home, tp, etc.)
  • GriefPrevention to protect builds and other resources
  • Residence for server-specific zoning
  • PermissionsEx for all the gory permission settings and handlers
  • WorldBorder to cap the size of worlds.

Our own plugins will be as follows:

  • Bank for squirreling away Shillings and XP
  • Community for all the chatty stuff
  • Diver for extended underwater breathing; though we are unsure how useful this will be with the Aquatic edition.
  • Doorman for those times when we need finer access control during updates
  • ModCop to handle the usual cheat/hacked clients
  • OpenBlocks for elevators and The Wrench
  • SuperPickaxe
  • Steward for managing portal and world stewards
  • Tape Measure, a general purpose tool for region selection and measurements.
  • Events, yeap, the Creeper will still be dropping cash

Missing the our plugin slate are:

  • Dynmap, though we will try to get it going very soon
  • DynmapTools for displaying claims on maps
  • McMMO, which still required testing
  • Shoppe, undergoing yet another overhaul to handle storefronts and dynamic inventories. Fortunately, this time around, the update will make Shoppe must easier to implement.
  • Tally for server voting and rewards

I must reiterate, that this test server is based on a development version of Spigot and is not intended for production use. I believe it to be reasonable stable, but it continues to be frequently updated still; thus things are tweaked, added, and updates. No guarantees are made as to the stability of the server. It may crash, hang, and items may get lost. Worst cast, the worlds may get corrupted.

The primary goal of this release is to provide VeteranCraft members an opportunity to come together, explore Minecraft 1.13, and help us identify any “undocumented features” that need to be addressed with our plugins, third-party plugins, and Spigot itself.

We will try to update the User’s Guide as soon as possible. Most of our plugins have the same functional features as found on the 1.12.2 test server. However, OpenBlock’s The Wrench has been completely overhauled. The Wrench can pretty rotate/orient all reasonable blocks such as logs, stairs, banners, signs, hoppers, etc. However, The Wrench tool is must now be crafted serving as a test case for additional custom tools and devices to come in the future. Here is a quick overview of its recipe.



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