Server Upgrades to 1.2.5 R4.0

Not sure if this is a good sign, or the forbearance of something missed. Server update took 30 minutes thanks to our new update procedure. Let’s hope its just because we made the process more efficient. As always, if you find something amiss, please post it in the Support forums. Thank you for your patience.

UPGRADE TIME HAS ARRIVED! Veterancraft will go into maintenance mode at the next scheduled server reboot at 3:06 PM EST today (6/15). We understand that this is in the middle of the day and we would have liked to avoid it, but due to scheduling conflicts this is the only time slot available. Expect downtime is about 90 minutes. We are testing a new upgrade process, so it might take less time. No promises, though.

We don’t expect any significant changes that should affect game play.

Some noteworthy changes included in this update.

  • The ability to customize vote rewards based on voting service.
  • New players will receive a welcome kit containing: 6 breads, 6 torches, 1 boat, 1 stone sword, 1 stone axe, 1 stone pickaxe, and, 1 stone shovel.
  • Tech position has been split into Junior Tech [JT] and Senior Tech [ST].
  • AFK no longer breaks when players are pushed by game physics (i.e. mobs, mine carts, etc.)
  • Residence vertical limits have been raised from 128 to 256.

The main reason for this release is to prepare for MC 1.3, which supposedly is coming down the road toward the end of the month or beginning of the next month. This release may include Mojang’s new plugin API. We hope that this will be a smooth transition unlike the previous 1.2 transition that caused major plugin update delays.

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