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Despite the crappy news about Arda data corruption, which is still being worked on, there is some better news. The Seraphs Realm test server is ready for use from The Hub, the default world when you connect to with Minecraft 1.12.x. From there, follow the orange carpet to the Test server steward, which when right-clicked will teleport you to Seraphs Realm.

The SR spawn includes the following:

  • Fortification to prevent mobs from ganking visitors.
  • A Hub server steward that will return you back to The Hub.
  • A Nether portal
  • An elevator to the upper level
  • Portal stewards on the upper level that teleport you to the mid-point in each major compass direction.


The world sizes in Seraphs Realm are as follows: 6000 x 6000 blocks for the overworld; 1000 x 1000 for The Nether; and, 3000 x 3000 for The End. Spawn and the four mid-point portal locations are each surrounded by a 100 x 100 protection zone. Likewise, the Nether spawn is surrounded by a 50 x 50 protection zone. No protected zones exists in The End. Anything beyond those zones is fair game.



The SR test server provides the following:

  • All players are part of the Tester rank, which bestows Viceroy-like privileges.
  • All players start with 1000 claim blocks.
  • Claim blocks are refunded 100% when abandoning claims.
  • Additional claim blocks are accrued at a rate of 100 claim blocks per hour.
  • Mid-point portal locations are enclosed by a fence to provide limited protection against mobs.
  • Portal stewards have no teleportation cooldown.
  • Server stewards have a 30 second cooldown.

The following 3rd-party plugins are available:

  • Citizens 2 – Admin use only for managing steward NPCs.
  • EssentialsX – Provides most Essential features (e.g. /god, /sethome, etc.)
  • GriefPrevention – Creating and managing claims.
  • LogBlocks – Tracking changes, griefing, etc.
  • PermissionsEx – Basic permissions and privilege management.
  • Residence – Admin use only for protecting common and special areas.
  • Vault – Common economy interface
  • WorldBorder – Limit world sizes
  • WorldEdit – Basic features such as compass, ascend, etc.

The following VeteranCraft plugins are available:

  • JcCommunity – Successor to JcChat. Provides chatting and other other social features, supporting all JcChat commands.
  • JcDebugger – Admin tool for tracking down issues.
  • JcOpenBlocks – Elevators and wrenches. Please note that the Wrench tool will not rotate newer blocks yet.
  • JcSteward – Admin tool for creating location, world, and server portals.
  • JcSuperPickaxe – Super pickaxe to make mining easier.

More plugins will be added in stages.

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