Seraphs Realm Is Open

Its official, the new Seraphs Realm with 1.7.4 goodness is now officially opened. Be aware that this is an AMPLIFIED world with very tall mountains. One bad step and the sudden stop at the bottom will kill you. As is customary with Veterancraft’s secondary worlds, Seraphs Realm is a 6K x 6K world with portals at its spawn to take you approximately 1500 blocks away in each compass direction.

Spawn and portal areas are protected by a 100×100 residence for grief protection and to dissuade members from building too close. Portal destinations that end up atop large mountains may have additional portals or paths to take you closer to ground level. We’re still adding those, so be patient if you don’t see a way down. Happy exploring and don’t forget: Watch Your Step!

P.S. With the opening of Seraphs Realm, the 30-day count down for Outer Reaches has started ticking. The OR is tentatively scheduled for removal on March 18, 2014. This should given everyone plenty of time to move or reclaim resources. However, it does not mean that our Rules are null and void just because the OR is reaching its end of life. Staff will continue to enforce them in the OR and deal with offenders in the usual manner.

Sneak Peek from the New Seraph’s Realm:

(Click to enlarge)

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