Parkour Event

On Saturday January 25th, 2014, VeteranCraft will be hosting a mass Parkour event. We’re going to release players in sets of three or four into an obstacle course in a race to the finish line.

Parkour Event Information

Saturday January 25th, 2014
6:00PM Eastern
Warp Sign at Spawn


  • Contestants must check in thirty minutes before the race.
  • Contestants may not harm each other.
  • No donor perks except godmode. (i.e. compass)
  • No animals allowed.


The winner of each round will win 10,000.00 shillings!


Q: How do I sign up for the Parkour event?
A: You may sign up via this thread. (clicky!)

Q: What items will I need for this event?
A: No items will be required.

Q: Will I need food?
A: No.

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