New Outer Reaches – Part Deux (Men at Work)

EDIT: This announcement was in error, please see the newer post regarding Seraphs Realm.

I will be starting the process of replacing the old Outer Reaches with a new 1.7.4 world today. For amusement, this will be an AMPLIFIED world. I found a great seed that should make everyone’s exploration different from the run-of-the-mill world.

This also is the last notice that the old Outer Reaches is going away. If you have anything of value in it, GO GET IT NOW! Don’t bother asking when its going to go away; all I will tell is that it will be sometime within the next 24 hours. I could be an one hour from now (highly unlikely) or 23 hours from now (also unlikely).

Once the new Outer Reaches is available to members, Seraph Realm’s 30-day count down will begin. Upon reaching the 30th day, or so, Seraphs Realm will go away.

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