Minecraft 1.9 Release Looming Around the Corner

I started tracking my usual Minecraft “trade rags” more closely for the past couple of weeks after having been abuzz about the 1.9 update and its official release date. Unlike prior years, Mojang will not have a pre-XMAS release, but rather is deferring release to sometime early 2016. I’m happy to see that they finally learned their lesson not to mess with Minecraft during the holidays, allowing system administrators and plugin developers to partake therein rather than being hunkered over a keyboard patching code.

We are both excited and scared about this update. We’re excited about combat features, the expanded End, and other new materials/foods/plants. Those same things scare us too, because their implementation resulted in many, many modifications to underlying Minecraft code and APIs. This has a tendency to break plugins forcing us to wait for developer updates or making temporary modifications ourselves.

In other words, the more changes, the higher the likelihood of delays until VeteranCraft updates to 1.9. Obviously, we have to wait for a stable Spigot release – or at least a beta that we trust – and/or for developers to update their plugins if needed. Based on past results, I would estimate a 2-6 week window from official 1.9 release to VC’s update, but don’t place any bets on that just yet.

I’d like to remind our newer VC members that a new Seraph’s Realm will be generated for 1.9 and replace The Outer Reaches as the active secondary world. Outer Reaches will remain active for at least another 30 days after our official 1.9 update.

We will also deploy a Vanilla 1.9 server as soon as it is officially released allowing members to explore new features together. However, it is vanilla – no money, no stores, no grief protection, etc. Enter at your own risk. We may try to add some basic whitelist capabilities to only allow players having passed The Trials access to the server. Then again, that all depends on whether we have the time to do such.

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