Maze Runners Wanted!!!

Greetings residents of Arda

Ambassador Ravenshagh bids you welcome, and extends an invitation to his keep on Saturday, July 18, between 12:00 noon, (GMT -5) and 6:00 pm for a friendly competition.

Ambassador Ravenshagh has recently completed the construction of an extensive labyrinth, and would invite you, one and all, to come out and try your hand at it. To make it interesting, he is offering a prize to the person who completes it the fastest on the 18th.  The prize will be a half stack (32) diamonds – but there is a slight catch.

Because the use of a compass would make the solution of the labyrinth a trivial matter, regrettably, the prize will only be for non-sponsors (greylings) and those of Knight rank.  Everyone of higher ranks has access to the compass and must be excluded from the prize eligibility.  Every player, no matter what their rank, is welcome to participate in the contest.

Ambassador Ravenshagh’s keep is accessible via his airship at the Exodus sky dock.

Those who would participate must sign up ahead of time; please send a PM to Ambassador Ravenshagh.   You will then be assigned a start time. Players will enter the maze, one every 90 secs, in the order they signed up.  Times will be noted and tracked.  Please note that this is a timed competition, it is entirely possible that the first person to solve this might not be the winner of the competition.

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  1. SlocumFamily2 July 11, 2015 at 7:56 pm #

    Sounds like it will be fun to watch too!

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