Maze Event

On Saturday June 7th, VeteranCraft will be hosting a Maze event.


The PvP maze is a special rendition of the classic maze, with various puzzles and hidden materials, and of course, PvP. There are four identical mazes, the diamond, emerald, redstone, and gold quadrants. There will be two contestants per quadrant, for a total of eight. PvP will be turned on two minutes after the start gates open, to give players a chance to spread out and get started. The goal is to be the first person to reach the end of your maze. There will be hidden chests and materials throughout the maze, and a few challenges that need to be solved as well. Once the winner of each quadrant has been decided, they will all battle to the death in the final duel. Players may use weapons that they collected throughout the event.  If you die, you lose. There will only be one round, so make it count!

Event Information

Saturday June 7th, 2014
6:00 PM Eastern
Warp Sign at Spawn


  1. PvP is enabled.
  2. If a contestant dies, they lose.
  3. No donor perks permitted.
  4. No outside items permitted.
  5. Contestants may loot their fallen contestants.
  6. McMMO is allowed.
  7. Players must be online one half hour before the event.


The winner of each quadrant will recieve 10,000.00 shillings.
The winner of the final battle will recieve an additional 20,000.00 shillings.


Q: How do I sign up for this event?
A: Click here.

Q: May we use donor perks?
A: No.

Q: May we bring items?
A: No.


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