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While we are still busy developing our next generation shop plugin, we felt that it would be a good thing to add one of its slated features to our current shop implementation. We were all looking forward to creating a shop Drop Chest giving players an alternative to executing multiple /shop add all commands. While the idea is simple – drop items in a chest to have them automatically added to a shop – the implications of such were a bit more taxing.

Bonzai728 made a wonderful suggestion a couple days ago; why not make it work similar to Essential’s Disposal sign?

It’s a simple solution that avoids chests all together. Sorry guys; no automated smelting lines feeding items into a shop; JCShops’ primary purpose is shops, not inventory management.

The Drop Chest Sign is a sponsorship perk and is available to Bishops and above. It is created by placing a sign anywhere inside a shop with its first line set to [JCShops]. If done right, the sign text should appear in gold along with the label Drop Chest on the 3rd line.


Right-clicking the sign with an empty hand or non-block item will open up a 36-slot inventory. Simply add items to it and close to have them automatically added to your shop. Illegal items (e.g. Bedrock, etc.) and damaged items will not be accepted and dropped on the ground after closing the inventory along with an appropriate message stating such.

Only a shop owner can add a Drop Chest Sign. Similarly, the sign can only be used by a shop owner and any registered shop managers. Public access is not allowed by default. Public access can be toggled by using /shop set publicdrop, allowing anyone to drop items into a shop. This may be useful for collecting project building materials or the like.

3 Responses to “JCShops Drop Chest”

  1. Bonzai728 July 3, 2014 at 12:14 pm #

    Awesome! Thanks Frelling!

  2. LightWarriorK July 3, 2014 at 12:32 pm #

    Simple, elegant, and infinitely useful! The JC Plugins strike again! Thanks, frelling!

  3. LordEboshi July 4, 2014 at 6:44 am #

    9/10 – It’s kinda cool.

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