VeteranCraft staff photo

Executive Staff

  • Owner [O]::
    • meatbawllz

    Top Dog, Big Cheese, Numero Uno, etc.

  • Senior Technician [ST]:
    • frelling


  • Senior Moderators [SM]:
    • Emulated
    • LightWarriorK
    • Terrorisly
    • TheMackFather 
    • Tootaboo

    Moderators moderate and enforce server rules.

  • Junior Moderators [JM]:
    • Axymoron
    • Braleth
    • okamat

    Help greet and guide new players, enforce server rules & laws, as well as offer support to any other players who need help with plugins or anything else in VeteranCraft.

  • Junior Technicians [JT]:
    • Mudwog

    Technicians are responsible for keeping the server back-end running smoothly, and also configuring plugins and Minecraft & server updates. Technicians manage server hardware and software.

Why Aren’t I Staff? :(

Staff are hand picked by the executive staff. Please remember it’s against the rules to beg to become staff. We don’t allow staff under the age of 18, no exceptions.

Remember, just because you’ve been around a while and have not been approached to become staff does not mean we don’t love you. Becoming a staff member is a lot of responsibility compared to just being a player who logs on and enjoys their time. Don’t be surprised if we don’t approach you. We choose staff based on several factors, including coverage of login time, and how well the player gets along with the community and if there’s drama between you and one of the staff you’re not a candidate for staff. Our team dynamic breeds unity and this is more important than seniority.