What Are Shillings

Shillings are the currency in use in VeteranCraft. You can use Shillings to purchase real estate using GriefPrevention, or to buy and sell goods using JCShops.

How to Earn Shillings

There are many ways to earn shillings; used to purchase everything you need in-game.

  • Fan us on Facebook
    This is one of the easiest money you can make.  Simply ‘like’ us on Facebook and you will get 500.00 shillings.  You just need to contact a staff member in game and let them know you have ‘liked’ us.
  • Commerce
    You can use JCShops sell to sell your stuff, or you can arrange player-to-player trades.
  • Vote for us on various server lists
    You’ll get 50.00 shillings each time you vote, on each server you vote on. That is 500.00 shillings a day!
  • Upgrade Your Account
    By signing up as a monthly sponsor for as little as $5.00 a month, you can not only get tons of shillings, but also access many helpful commands in game.