Server Rules & Info

These rules are posted as a general reference for all – players and staff. By joining Veterancraft, you agree to all the rules below:

Table of Contents

Governing Law

We pride ourselves on being fair and reasonable, but you need to understand that VeteranCraft is not a democracy. This applies to members and staffers alike. VeteranCraft reserves the right to change its policies, rules, and resources. The rules are laid down by Frelling; and, staffers are appropriately trained to enforce them. Players are expected to follow staffers’ directions and instructions implicitly and respond with their fullest cooperation and politeness. Don’t bother arguing your interpretation of the rules, vision, or concept of fairness with staffers, as this may get you banned.

Basic Information:

  • Staff
    You can identify staff by the suffix on their name. [JM] – Junior Moderators, [SM] – Senior Moderators, [JT] – Junior Technicians, [ST] – Senior Technician, and [O] – Owner. See the Staff page for more information on who-is-who.
  • Whitelist
    We do not have a Whitelist. All you need to to to log into the server is our IP address.  Our current IP address is located on the sidebar of this site under ‘Current Server Status’.
  • Item Spawning
    We want to be different, in that the reward of legit items (items obtained through actual gathering) is more than the reward of spawning items, or worldediting.  Meatbawllz (the owner) does not even spawn items for his own use).  If the community needs items for a project, we purchase them from other players who legitimately obtained them.  This is the most legit, fair, and authentic way to have a truly free market survival server. You can take pride in knowing all your buildings are made of legit items, and nobody is above any other in this respect.  
  • World Size
    VeteranCraft uses WorldBorder. Our primary world Arda is limited to 30,000 x 30,000 blocks. At a 1:1 scale Arda is about three hundred and forty seven square miles, four times the size of Manhattan. Limiting the size of the world eases RAM and reduces lag.
  • Roll Backs
    VeteranCraft does not roll back griefs, or replace stolen items. We provide players with GriefPrevention, a self-operated protection plugin, to ensure the safety of their items and structures. This self-operated protection cuts back on the need for staff, and eliminates the need for roll backs. For more information on GriefPrevention and how to use it click here.
  • Ban Appeals
    If you feel you have been wrongfully banned and would like to appeal, go to the Ban Appeal Forum and state your case. Staff reviewing an appeal will do an investigation and use their judgement to decide on a case.
  • Server Outage
    For live updates, follow us on Twitter @veterancraft.  In addition, our home page displays the most recent tweets. You can also be notified by liking us on Facebook.  As the outage may be due to Mojang, please check Mojang’s Server Statuses. We are usually aware if there’s an outage, however if the outage persists and no status update is available we encourage players to post in our support forum.
  • Player Slots
    The number of player slots is intentionally lower than recommended.  We make only a half to four times less player slots available than recommended, all in an effort to reduce lag.  Just because you have 200 player slots does not mean a server can handle that many players.   As the player slots get filled we may expand our server memory and processing power and open up more slots.
  • Weather
    We’ve disabled weather in the primary world.  Weather is enabled in our secondary worlds.

Global Rules

Breaking these rules will result in a warning, kick, temporary ban, permanent ban.

  1. Foul Language
    VeteranCraft will not tolerate cussing or foul language. We pride ourselves on being a mature server, and a part of that maturity is showing verbal restraint.
  2. Discrimination
    Discrimination against race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, national origin, age, or disability will not be tolerated.  We understand that some people will view themselves as able to say certain words due to their background, we do not allow that here.
  3. Listen to Staff
    Our staff are not here to be Royalty or be above the other players, they are here to help keep order and help players. Do not ignore a staff member, and obey what they tell you.  If you feel you’ve been wrongly treated by a staff member, voice your case in the Support Forum.
  4. Spamming
    Use private chat if you have a lot to say to someone, or consider taking advantage of our party chat system.
  5. Begging
    Staff cannot spawn items. All players must gather or purchase their items. This is a survival server and part of the game is gathering items and earning what you have.
  6. Obnoxious Behavior
    Being funny and goofy is fine. If you’re constantly asking immature questions, pestering people, or being simply discourteous, we do not want you here.  This server is for mature adult players, however we will tolerate young players if they behave.
  7. Unattended Gameplay
    Bots, hacks, mods, mechanisms, and such that circumvent our AFK system or automate gameplay will not be tolerated.
  8. Complaints/Suggestions in Chat
    If you have complaints or suggestions, you need to visit the Suggestion Box, and post your suggestions there.
  9. PvP
    – Killing players is enabled and allowed in the Nether, enter at your own risk.
    – Killing players is enabled and allowed in the End, enter at your own risk.
    – Killing players is enabled in the Secondary Worlds (Outer Reaches & Seraph’s Realm) however it is only allowed if all parties involved agree.
Breaking these rules will result in a ban.
  1. Griefing
    Griefing includes, but is not limited to: Breaking, flooding, or modifying another player’s property.
  2. Theft
    Stealing or borrowing without permission is not permitted.
  3. Cheating
    No flying, speed hacking, xRaying, exploiting bugs (duping, etc), hacked clients, or client mods that provide an unfair advantage.
  4. Promoting Other Servers
    If you publicly or privately invite someone to a different server, you will be banned. We do not allow discussion of other servers.
  5. Begging to Become Staff
    We do not take staff applications. The executive staff hand pick players who exemplify good behavior and embody what they feel makes a good moderator. We do not allow staff under the age of 18.
  6. Defamation
    We are not going to waste our bandwidth and server resources on someone who is spreading negative things about VeteranCraft or it’s players on 3rd party forums.


  • Every player is responsible for reading and staying informed about all Server News topics. This is the place where we post important information or progress about server-related issues and/or plans. Players that demonstrate an unwillingness to stay informed and burden chat with questions already answered in this forum will be reprimanded.
  • You are welcome to post and/or reply to any accessible forums and threads. Please be considerate of the topic of discussion and refrain from cluttering them with useless or unrelated comments. Jokes or sarcastic comments, while acceptable in general discussions, will not be tolerated under serious topic matters and will be summarily removed. Repeated mis-posts of such may result in reprimands.

Building Rules

  • Build at least 10 blocks away from any other structure unless you have permission.
  • No floating islands or builds.  No floating structures, or 1×1 towers, except for temporary scaffolding in limited amounts and for a limited time.
  • Try to keep the wilderness looking as pretty as you found it. If you do clear-cut, replant, if you do pit-mine (removing all topsoil and systematically removing layers of stone as you uncover resources), cover the spot with soil.
  • If you do not log into the server for 30 days, your buildings will be removed. (excludes contributors)
  • Do not build anything offensive.
  • Dynamic content ( mobs, animals, harvesting, portals, redstone circuitry, etc.) use server resources. Excessive use of such may cause lag. Keep such systems/machinery to a reasonable size so as not to affect your fellow players. We do not allow nether portal gold farms or iron farms.
  • Do not cut half of a tree.  Please remove all wood and replant. Players are encouraged to remove all half removed floating trees they find.
  • Do not build structures in/on/across the ocean, natural lakes, or rivers unless the structure is properly supported, the structure you are building is submerged at least 5 blocks under the surface, and/or the shore is solid and looks natural. 
  • Players may not terraform, flatten, or decimate large areas of land to make room for building. You may only flatten land 40×40 or less at a time. The exception is to buy the land prior to flattening. Staff have discretion when determining when an excavation project goes too far.
  • Do not destroy strongholds.
  • Use common sense.

Transportation Systems

Exodus has portal ships for reaching different parts of Arda. Players can purchase portal ships to provide access to their cities, towns, or points of interest. Please see Portal Ships for more details.

  • Any transportation system that connects to Exodus are considered public transportation. Destinations or stops on those systems must be publicly accessible and provide means for players to access open land in a non-intrusive, unrestricted, and fair manner.
  • Anyone intentionally restricting access to such public transportation systems will be asked to remove such restrictions.

Banned Player Possessions

Possessions and structures of permanently banned players, protected or not, become the property of the VeteranCraft government; treat them accordingly. Removing items without permissions is theft. Staffers will examine such properties claiming materials for the Armory as needed; after which any protections will be removed.

Extra Information

Spawning Items
We do not spawn items. All our blocks are gathered through mining or created/converted by plugins such as McMMO. The owner and staffers do not spawn items, even for their own use. Materials for community projects are either donated by fellow VeteranCraft players or purchased from VeteranCraft players via one or more Government shops. This is the most legit, fair, authentic way to have a truly free market on a survival server. We can all take pride in knowing that our buildings are made of legitimate items.

Lost Items
We do not return lost items. Falling into lava, PvP, or other terminal conditions do not entitle you to replacements. You are responsible for securing and protecting your chests. Stolen items will not be refunded. The server, its plugins, and other configuration are provided in an “as is” condition. In the event of a Force Majeure and other unwanted side effects of certain conditions, no refunds will be given.