XPVault is a simple plugin that lets donors “bank” experience points (XP) in a vault, allowing them to manage their XP more wisely rather than being at the whim of the vanilla client. For example, death is detrimental for players with high experience levels, since it is only possible to retrieve a maximum of 100 XP after death. That’s only enough XP to return to Level 6. With XPVault, players can safely squirrel away precious XP before foraying into the unknown, resting assured that their hard earned XP will always be there despite whatever mishaps may fall upon them.

More notable is XPVault’s ability to adjust players’ experience levels to suit their needs at hand. Players can reduce or increase their experience level by moving XP in and out of the vault, ensuring that they only consume the minimum amount of XP required for enchantments and repairs. It takes 170 XP to reach Level 10; another 200 XP to reach Level 20; and, anotherĀ  455 XP to reach Level 30. Clearly, its not wise for players to have experience levels higher than what is minimally needed.

For example, a Level 20 player faced with an enchant/repair costing 10 Levels, deposits 200 XP into his vault, reducing the experience level to 10 – the minimum needed to complete the task. Performing the enchant/repair, consumes 170 XP and resets his experience level to 0. Withdrawing the previously deposited 200 XP will return the player to about 33% into Level 12. In essence, the Level 20 player saved 30 XP to be used for other purposes. A Level 30 player in the same situation would have saved 285 XP.


/xpvault – shows summary of XPVault commands.

/xpvault balance – shows summary information about player and vault XP.

/xpvault calculate <level> – calculates required XP needed to attain the given level.

/xpvault deposit all – deposit all player XP into vault.

/xpvault deposit xp <amt> – deposit given amount of XP into vault.

/xpvault deposit level <amt> – deposit enough XP into vault to reduce experience level by the given amount.

/xpvault withdraw all – withdraw all vault XP and apply to player.

/xpvault withdraw xp <amt> – withdraw given amount of XP from vault and apply to player.

/xpvault withdraw level <amt> – withdraw enough XP from vault to raise experience level by the given amount.

All XPVault command line arguments can be shortened to 3 letters to save some type. For example /xpv dep lev 10 is the same as /xpvault deposit level 10.


What’s this “Command not Completed. No database available at the moment.”

Your XPVault balances and transactions are stored in our main database. This message will appear if XPVault cannot communicate with the database server. The only time you might see this is immediately after a server reboot when the database server may be busy servicing higher priority queries. Simple wait a while (15-30 secs) and try again.

Can I check other player XPVault balances or see the Top 10 as with iConomy?

The short answer is “No.” Although moderators can check balances, we consider such information a private matter. Any moderator requests to disclose other player balances will be highly frowned upon.

Can I see my past XPVault transactions?

XPVault maintains internal details about every deposit and withdrawal. At this point, it is not possible for anyone to see the details. We are looking into the possibility of recording enchantment/repair transactions so that players can review how they’ve used their XP; but, that’s another version.

Are there sign-based features to deposit and withdraw XP from the vault?

No. Signs just add more overhead. We opted for a simple, clean, and efficient command line-based approach.

Can I trade or give my XP away?

No. Although XPVault has a give command, it is strictly for op and system purposes. At this point, we cannot justify making XP a commodity as it will increase the use of more/larger mob/XP farms; nor will we entertain any opinions to the contrary.