McMMO Commands

McMMO is the plugin we use for the RPG aspect of the game.  It records skills such as mining, excavation, herbalism, taming and more, and gives you rewards the higher you level them up.  Additionally, it gives party chat ability, which allows you to keep you and your friends’ chats private.

Read the McMMO Quickstart Guide on our Wiki for more info.

General Commands

Command Effect
/mcability Toggles whether or not you can activate abilities with rightclick.
/mcmmo Displays general mcMMO help text.
/mcc Displays the list of mcMMO commands.
/stats Displays the current skill levels of the player, including the current EXP and the total needed to level up, as well as the overall Power Level.
/[skillname] Displays information on a specific skill.

Ex. “/mining” displays general information regarding the mining skill, including the current proc rate of double-drops, based upon the current skill level.

/inspect [player name] Displays the mcMMO information of the player provided.

Party Commands

Command Effect
/party View information on your current party
/party create <party name> Creates a named party.
/party join <party name> Joins a named party.
/party q Leaves the current party.
/p Toggles party chat on/off.
/party invite <player name> Invites the named player to the current party.
/party accept Accepts a received party invitation.