Four varieties of wool are displayed here, however all sixteen colors may be used.


Elevators allow for simple and swift vertical transportation systems, bypassing the need for long and complex stairway systems in player builds. Players need not remember complex command syntax or hinder creativity by being forced to include signs and/or buttons.

To create an elevator, place a wool block with a pressure plate on top. To create it’s target, in the same vertical column (up or down) place a wool block of the same color and a pressure plate of the same material. Elevators may only move the player twenty blocks a floor. Elevators may have multiple floors so long as they are all of the same wool color. You may mix and match pressure plate types. You may have anything between the wool blocks, as long as there is still one block of air above each pressure plate.

To use an elevator, walk into the pressure plate and; Jump to ascend, or Sneak to descend.

The Wrench

Tired of getting frustrated with logs or steps not aligning the way you intended? Let The Wrench help you ease the pain. The Wrench is a sponsor perk for rotating orientable blocks without having to break and replace them. Simply equip a Blaze Rod. Left-clicking a block with The Wrench will rotate it around its vertical axis, while right-clicking a block will rotate it around its horizontal axis. The Wrench works on most directional blocks including Steps, Logs, Pumpkins, Pistons, Fence Gates, and directional containers (e.g. chests, furnaces, etc.). Multi-block items such as Beds, Doors, Double Chests, etc. cannot be rotated.