The Difference

VeteranCraft is for serious Minecraft veterans who are mature and enjoy PVE building.

What’s Different About VeteranCraft’s PVE Minecraft Server?

  • No Class Warfare. In the past, I’ve noticed many servers operate as monarchies of royalty and peasants.  The admins are the royalty and the peasants are everyone else.  The admins spawn everything they want,patronize the feeble peasants, and are not even helpful or nice.  They tend to be ultimate douchbags and this will NOT happen here. If an admin violates my rules, they will lose their position.  All admins are to be courteous and helpful. For every one that is not, there are 10 other guys who would be more than happy to replace them. Even when I used to be an admin, I found it refreshing to get back to actually digging, earning what I had, instead of just spawning items.  If you are not into the whole survival thing, go to a creative build server.
  • Admins don’t reset day/night, no matter how much we want to. This gives the game the real experience it is supposed to have.
  • Admins are not able to spawn items.  They get paid an in-game salary instead, which they can use to purchase materials from other players. This keeps the actual what you see is what you get integrity in the game.
  • We don’t overload the server with tons needless plugins. They waste ram and cause lag.
  • Our economy is a big deal. We don’t want spawned items, and plugins that reward you for digging dirt to inflate the economy.  Finding a diamond is a rare and momentous occasion, and these things dumb that down.  Here, finding a diamond is still as rare and important as it should be! For details about our economy, click here.
  • We’re not run by 16 year olds. The owner of this server is married with 3 kids, owns a house and a business.  All staff must be at least 18 years old and pass an interview.  The point being, this server is run maturely and isn’t fly-by night!
  • We Do NOT Roll Back Griefings
    We do monitor who griefs, and they will be banned, but we do NOT roll back griefings or replace stolen items.  The only way you can protect your stuff from griefing 100% is to protect it with GriefPrevention.  GriefPreventionis our self-operated grief protection plugin. For more info on GriefPrevention and how to use it, click here. This self-operated protection cuts back on the need for an enormous amount of staff to be online 24/7 and having to spend all their time on de-griefing. Either hide your stuff underground, or purchase land with GriefPrevention and protect it.