Welcome to VeteranCraft

How is VeteranCraft Different?

  • No Class Warfare.
  • Admins don’t reset day/night.
  • Admins are not able to spawn items.
  • We don’t overload the server with tons needless plugins.
  • Our economy is a big deal.
  • We’re not run by 16 year olds.
  • We Do NOT Roll Back Griefings

For full explanations of the above points, click here.

What to Expect Upon Logging In

When you first log in, you’ll need to go through a 15-25 minute tutorial trial. This is something that we’re proud of, and took a long time planning to implement. It ensures that only the most noble players get to play in VeteranCraft. For more info on the newbie trials, click here.

The last area of the newbie trials – Quartz Temple

When you get through the trials, you will immediately be met with a level of respect most servers don’t bestow upon newcomers. You will be greeted by our mature player base, and welcomed to begin your story in VeteranCraft.

Important Resources