Goodbye Ventrilo Server

Months ago people asked and begged and advocated for a voice server, and we gave it a shot. After seven months of hosting it, and sporadic, inconsistent participation, I have decided to save the server’s money and toss Ventrilo into the trash.  It’s just not worth $200 a year to keep this voice server that nobody uses.

In the future, anyone who requests a voice server can reference this post explaining why we’re not just being mean, but financially sane with VeteranCraft’s resources. I’m not upset or anything, not all good ideas work out, and nothing good in life happens without taking risks.

It goes without saying that the community will continue to use its own preferred methods of voice communication (Skype).

Post Author: meatbawllz

Meatbawllz founded VeteranCraft in June of 2011 to create a player experience for mature players, with a great balance of features. VeteranCraft is a place with many skilled players that help pitch in to make things awesome.

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