Friday’s Event: Video Recap!

If you missed the event Friday, you missed out on a good time. Sure, there were some hiccups along the way, but each time we do one of these, we plan to get better and better. The event was organized by ryanpitts, and we had a lot of help from tons of you, like kimbauer, gorlock, terrorisly, ipatrick, rikkidoseph, the list goes on and on. Thanks for putting your time in to throw off a fun event.

From my understanding we hit our record for people online at a time (Zenzar should have the official number). Congratulations to the winners, and we hope to see more of you out to the next event this weekend! Ryanpitts will post more today or tomorrow so you can prepare. I’ll be going out of town for a week so please respect the staff, and don’t PM me, as I won’t get time to read them. The staff are handling ban appeals and all server issues.

Check out this video of the event:

*I was going to upload the entire event in uncut footage but it would have taken a lot more time than I have. I hope this fills your viewing needs.

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