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Suggestion for next Slaughter event
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June 22, 2014
11:14 am

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January 13, 2014
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The event last night was enjoyable for many, I am sure.

Not so much for me...and...because I am going to make the vain assumption I am not the only one, please allow me a few comments/suggestions:


(1) Any event like that should not allow MCMMO skills to apply.  About two minutes in I said "Oh, skills are here?  Snow will win."

Of course he won.  Why wouldn't he?  It really isn't fun knowing you have no chance of even sorta kinda coming close to winning.


(2) I thought it was a bit long.  Having a goal of simply killing was not enough (IMO) to sustain a 30-minute event.  I was pretty bored.  I stayed cause I wanted a chance at the raffle.


(3) Name tags should go away.  It would make it more interesting when trying to sneak up on people, etc.



June 22, 2014
11:25 am
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August 31, 2011
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Sneaking hides your name tag, doesn't it? I was sneaking a few times to prevent being spotted by nametag.

But yeah, having a zone that fully hides nametags might be useful. Though then we'd probably need a smaller arena, and the current system rewards the sneaky people by hiding their nametag, while running people are 'heard'.

June 22, 2014
1:29 pm
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May 1, 2012
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If you've EVER played on a pvp server.  Name tags do not get removed for anyone.  EVER.


The fact that someone can see you, is not a server issue.  It's your problem.  Sneaking clears your name take, allows you to move, and jump, and access all buttons and doors as normal.  


If this first FPS (first person shooter) style community game isn't your fancy, the safe zone was well within your reach.  We wont be apologetic for your distaste for the game.  If anything, this game should give you motivation to get out and level up your skills for the next game we host.  Which may indeed, be held at Exodus again, if someone else hasn't built an arena for it by that time.  


I personally watched how almost 400+ people's deaths occurred.  It was not because of mcmmo abilities on a sword or axe.  It was that they didn't share comradery with each other, by attacking those who had the better gear.  Your defense was that you didn't wear armor, and have a sword while attacking those who did.  100 times out of 100, the guy wearing and hoarding the gear and weapons is going to win vs the guy charging at them wearing knickers and a wet fist.


As a once avid community event builder, and coordinator, I feel PVP is what VC has been missing since we eliminated spleef oh so long ago.  I will take action and plan this to be a monthly event.  which would include name tags, and mcmmo stats.  Having those two key elements included in the game makes people WANT to become better.  Which means they have to be an active member online to better hone those skills.

There are 3 steps one must take to profit in today's economy: 1.) Learn from lessons taught by others 2.) Don't give away everything you know.
June 22, 2014
9:05 pm

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January 13, 2014
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No, I've never played on a PvP server. 

Wait...I did a Hunger Games a couple times for like 10 minutes each.  But that is a bit different.

I had no idea "sneak" would hide a name tag...cause, mainly, I don't PvP. 


I was just making a suggestion that I thought such a large event would be more interesting without name tags.  We can't sneak everywhere.

The players I am closest with (not just family) have no desire to spend tons of time upping ax or unarmed skills.  It is kinda boring.  They want to mine and build.  But...they/we do like events.  So I made a simple suggestion that might assist in EVERYONE (not just people who have been here forever and spend hours upping MCMMO stuff) enjoy this style event.

I suggested it be fair and equal for everyone. I didn't think that was a horrific idea for an event that is supposed to be fun for everyone -- not just top players.

All the other events I have seen have been equal footing, really.  Parkour stuff, etc.  Everyone pretty much had the same change.  Not here.

I am not saying I need to win.

But it really was tedious to be repeatedly killed the second I stepped outside the safe zone.  I at least wanted to feel like I was able to do something clever (like hide in a good spot) or such, to get someone by surprise.


I was just making a suggestion.  This is kinda what I meant when, in another thread, I said it feels like staff says "this is what we are doing, if you don't like it, sorry." 

I made a suggestion.  Please don't attack me for it.


And yeah...I didn't use armor or a sword because everytime I managed to get my hands on one, someone with a higher skill took me out in one punch.  1 second later.  Literally.

My husband is one point he managed to have full diamond armor and an enchanted sword.  And someone with higher unarmed came and took him out in two hand punches.  Two.  So the strategy comment doesn't help.  We know how to play the game.  We just didn't have a chance, really.


And yes, I do think there is a definite place for PvP in VC.  But I think that is a bit different than holding a special event for all...that only a small handful of people have a shot of doing well.


Again, I thought I was just making a suggestion.  Not starting yet another "we are right/you are wrong--and here is why" topic.

June 22, 2014
9:49 pm
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June 20, 2011
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Just to give practical answers and explanations:


1. Removing mcmmo permissions isn't worth the time  or effort on the tech side. It would have caused more stress than needed with all the other stuff they were doing yesterday.


2. All our events are (usually) for an hour. It's the standard time allotted.


3. This is something that should be requested according to our suggestions protocol. It's easy to say 'name tags should go away' but as with every feature, it's not that simple. But we do take suggestions, as long as you follow that protocol and it makes sense and a solution is available.


On another note, everyone I talked to had a freaking blast. Perhaps if it's not your kind of fun, simply opt out next time?

Founder and owner of VeteranCraft. "He who says he can, and he who says he can't, are both usually right." -Confucious
June 23, 2014
4:49 pm

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January 13, 2014
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The tech aspect of it makes tons of sense.  Thanks.  Obviously I have no idea if such an adjustment is easy or tedious, so I thought I'd toss the idea out.

Suggestions protocol?  I don't understand what this has to do with suggesting a new plug-in?  Again, I had no idea if it was a simple thing or not.  I wasn't even going so far as to suggesting a special plug-in for it...cause I figure you guys have reasons for the plug-ins you have decided to use or not use.  It was just an idea...

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