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Goede Hoop contest results!
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June 23, 2012
5:32 am
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August 31, 2011
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Howdy people, Okarim, harbourmaster of Cape Town here! Today I give you the official results and feedback on the participants of the design contest meant to give us a design for Cape Town's flagship Good Hope!

The original postings ran into a tiny snag so I'll be forced to use a different approach here. I'll post 1 image per ship, which carries a link to the folder where you can find a few more screenshots. Well in the case of the winner it's 20-some but you get what I mean.

As some of you know, the contest was mostly a close call. Second, third and fourth place were really close to each other, making it quite hard to decide. As a result, the runner-up reward for fourth place was determined as quite close to that of third place.


Now, the participants!

Fourth place: Scottiefinn with a price of 15.000 shillings!

Scottie!Image Enlarger


Third place: MrSpectator with a price of 20.000 shillings!

MrSpectatorImage Enlarger


Second place: Disaster-struck lightning-rod Spentxlr8tion earned 30.000 shillings despite all that!

Image Enlarger


And first place, well earned, goes to LightWarriorK, with a 50.000 price!

LightWarriorKImage EnlargerImage Enlarger


The next post will contain feedback on the ships.

June 23, 2012
6:04 am
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August 31, 2011
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First of, the requirements. The ship is missing a gundeck, the remaining requirements are all met.

Due to having only 1 deck inside the hull, the ship only has 1 row of embossing. Its sails are nice but lack force behind them, the strength that a true flagship should have. They aren't wider than the ship and only 2 per mast. There's also no backsail, which is a shame since those fill up the visual gap on the back quite well.

The part where a support sticks out for the cannons seems wrong. You definitely wouldn't want weight on a part sticking out like that. The cannons also are rather short and the most forward ones can't even be operated properly. Placing them 2 back on slightly raised platforms on the main deck, as well as make them 1 longer, would have made more sense. On such a big ship, it makes little sense to actually shorten the design used on the smaller Vetropolis ships.

The hold exists of a single big space, no separate areas, no crew section. It's a shame there's no gundeck and no details in here.

The massive amounts of glass used in forecastle and aftcastle would be a liability on sea. A single piece of flying rubbish would shatter these and leave shards everywhere. While intended visibility is nice for buildings, at sea it's a disaster in the making.



Third place, though a really close call, goes to MrSpectator. In fact everything aside from first place was a really tough call to make.

He's tried making some big cannon-designs, which are hollow on the inside with a glowstone block at the core. Also did some sails hanging down from the bowsprit, as well as a front and back sail. Gave the cannons names, put in a big beds-area and a sign as steering wheel.

The design is missing a hold though, so now the hull quickly sharpens below the gundeck. Combined with the support platform of the big cannons and the weird way these look due to lack of obsidian stairs, the look ain't that good near the bottom.

The spritsail I'd expect more as connected to the front of the bowsprit on an extra mast, while the sails do not seem big enough for their width. The last mast I'd normally also expect to have some normal sails on it, while the backsail now seems awfully short, resulting in an airgap over the back of the ship.The front sail, meanwhile, shouldn't be 2 layers, it should be just the one.

The embossing also looks weird when angled like it is now, if done like this it'd probably be better as 2-wide and slightly below the top. As hull enforcement it looks rather wrong now.

The glass is awfully vulnerable, especially since it's thin sheets, while the rudder just seems too dislocated from the rest of the design.

The idea of big cannons is nice, but a 3x3 design would probably go better with forts. The shape of a + also doesn't do it justice. I might experiment with a 2x2 design though.



Second place to the disaster-plagued Spentxlr8tion. His first ship design he lost by blue screen, his second got damaged by lightning and the resulting fire. As a result he only had 2 masts and 0-degrees angled sails rather than 45-degrees angled ones, as well as a quickly-improvised forecastle. He still, barely, managed to pull ahead to second place though!

A minor side-effect is that the ship is floating in the air due to his time constraints. So I guess it's a Flying Dutchman.

With 3 masts you'd probably want them in different locations, with four slightly moved, but the design indicates nicely where it'd want an actual spritsail. A cute big bedroom for the captain, though I would expect a desk and books in there as well.

There's cannons on both deck and gundeck, though I'd move the cannons on the main deck 1 back. The gundeck cannons are a bit stubby and probably should be more to the inside and longer.

Furthermore, it has a nice split between cargo and sleeping quarters in the hold.The chests aren't really secured though, would be better to put them 1 back behind fences, though that is a minor detail.

Speaking of minor touches, the white deck adds a nice contrast to the design that seems nice. The sails also use a different support-design where wool was used to symbolize the connecting spots to the corners of the wood, and the design does give the big sail impression despite the rushjob.



They say the devil's in the details. If that's true, LWK must be the big red guy himself, because the details are there. He's used upside-down stairs to smoothen the hull, which had the unfortunate side-effect of making embossing complicated. Ironbars served as the wires holding the sails up, the central mast widens when you follow it down, there's a crow nest on top, trapdoors are used to act as opened-up gapcovers above the cannons, there's 'oillamps' (glowstone in trapdoors) all around the ship, mast-enforcements, a gap to lower cargo into the hold, redstone torches act as cannon fuses...

Even my typing is out of breath after that line, but it shows how much detail he managed to build into a normal design. I mean where exactly chests and beds go I can and probably will change, but all those details he put into the hull itself are there to stay. Well mostly.

The 3 main masts contain 2-3-2 sails, where the higher sails are smaller than the lower ones. There's a long-stretched sail at the bowsprit, and the backsail is perhaps a tad too small but clearly displays its purpose. All in all the sails display quite nicely the majesty a Her Royal Majesty's Ship should have.

All the semi-random wood and chests on the deck, however, I could do without. And the tnt kinda distracts from the smooth look. The ship now has 17 cannons on each side and 2 to the front, I think there's still enough space on the deck to add a few cannons there if desired, have to think about that and whether to make those big cannons.
The steps used in the cannon design does seem nice, unlike the normal cannons we use on ships these have some support at the back, to decrease the backlash from firing. Might want to expand them to have steps on 2 blocks on the side.

The space-efficient beds are nice, though I'd probably put some wooden plans inbetween them to serve as their supports, since doublebeds normally kinda float. The kitchen-design is nice, I'd use up-planks to support the chests though. The hold needs more space for chests, I might edit the concept Spent used to add more containers there.

Same goes for the chests in the rooms in the hold, those need to be enforced so they don't shift during the trip. However, chests are details that I was planning to edit at will anyway, so this isn't an issue.

All in all the design is great with just a few minor details I'd scratch at once to free space for other stuff. :) A well-deserved first place!



Final plans

Once we hit 1.3, I'll start constructing this flagship. In 1.3 I can use different wood for additional embossing, since those do contain stairs, unlike lapis. That way I can use a mixture of wood and lapis embossing on the hull, then use some lapis as decoration at a few places in the ship.

The ship will be located at the far west of the Capetown docks, which is a straight path from the Vetropolis ship. Its destination is yet to be determined though.

June 23, 2012
6:17 am
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August 31, 2011
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Since clicking the images enlarges them rather than going through the link, here's the folders:

Scottiefinn, MrSpectator, Spentxlr8tion, LightWarriorK.

June 24, 2012
7:23 am
Aelfheim, Arda


Senior Mod
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June 1, 2012
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I'm really glad you liked it Oka!  I appreciate the feedback, and definitely see where you're coming from.  I will keep it in mind for future designs.  Laugh

And congrats to the other winners!  They look really good, and any other them would have done well!  Sorry, Spent, about your disasters.

I can't wait to see the Goode Hoop sail the Vetronian Seas!

"Awake, oh man, and be wise." -Thoth
June 24, 2012
5:04 pm
Forum Posts: 12
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March 18, 2012
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Congrats to all the winners as well! 😀


I do apologize for replying so late. Disaster has struck me in Life 1.0 and I had to be away for the past few days. On the upside, I'm glad to see such a sea-worthy design ready to sail off the Veteran Coasts!

June 25, 2012
2:23 pm
Map Guy

Staff Alumni
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October 23, 2011
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Love those ships. All of them are awesome. Congrats, Oka, and getting a great ship!

I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to stop going to those places.
June 21, 2014
9:41 am
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August 31, 2011
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Figured I'd post an update here, since I intend to go forward with this design, with a few adjustments made to the new game version. :)

First of all, the wood: I'll stick to Oak Planks for the main hull, with an embossing layer made from Dark Oak. I considered making it Spruce Planks as main hull, but the flagship should be light, not dark. I'll likely borrow inspiration from Spent's design and make the main deck from Birch, and may use Spruce for the lower decks. Forecastle and Aftcastle, however, I figure will still be Oak. Meanwhile, the remaining Lapis decoration would stay, only the primary embossing layers would be made from Dark Oak.

With the masts I'm considering taking the fences down to the deck, to fix them to it so to speak. Inside the ship I'll have some places use Redstone Lamps instead of glowstone lanterns. The glass on the living quarters deck will be made Stained glass, likely Cyan and maybe another blue variant. Likely all glass panes will be replaced with glass blocks for sturdiness. In the Captain's Quarters in the Aftcastle, I may use 2-layer glass for sturdiness, with 2 different colours to make a nice hue. I'll also implement a daylight sensor there so that the lights automatically go on at night, and place down some carpet, and a map in Item Frames.

Since we now have corner stairs, I may use those for the cannons, rather than just stairs on 3 sides it'd be surrounded by an enforcement ring.

For the hold I'll combine Spent's design (with my suggestion for a change to it) with the way I designed the hold for my smaller ships, use Trapped Chests to fill 'er up and maybe place single chests with fencegates in front of them. I might place hay bales in the hold as part of the food (wheat) supplies, not sure yet.

The biggest headaches will be permission for the ship and building it twice. ^_^ The hull alone has a length of 76 and a width of 17, and the bowsprit makes it a near-100 length, with a slightly-bigger main boom it will be at 100 or perhaps even a bit more. It's also 64 high total right now. Given how normal size standards are 65x25x50, 100x17x65 definitely won't fly for Exodus. Fortunately I wasn't planning on going Exodus, so the main concern will be whether I get a big enough plot in someone's harbor, and I also officially need staff permission for the size.

And building it twice... Man I'm going to have to farm a lot of wood for this. :)

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