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Minecraft 1.4.6 – Don’t Update!

Earlier today, Mojang released Minecraft 1.4.6. Due to several factors, if you update, you will not be able to log in to VeteranCraft. If you absolutely have to update and explore 1.4.6 features, please either ensure you’ve a backup of your 1.4.4 client or bookmark this (click to link) page. Server update information will be made available as soon as […]

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Minecraft 1.3 is Out. Don’t Update!

The long awaited 1.3 is out, but as with every update on our server, if you update your client, you won’t be able to login to VeteranCraft. Don’t update, no matter what you do, and back up your bin folder just in case you accidentally do. Why Can’t I Update? The server’s software and plugins […]

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The Minecraft BUZZ! #1 – Woosh Games, Tripwires & More!

Minecraft Jungle Temple

Hello VeteranCrafters! I want to share this new series I’m starting called The Minecraft BUZZ! Welcome to the first edition! The point to the series is to showcase recent news that is being tossed around in the vast Minecraft Community. Every month I will post once and it will contain about 3-5 points related Minecraft. […]

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Natural Rivers, Large Oceans, Giant Mushrooms & More!

In case you haven’t been able to check out some of the changes coming in the 1.8 Adventure Update, this should fill you in on the most drastic changes. Terrain Changes Possibly the most drastic changes have to do with new biomes, and new terrain chunk generating algorithms.  The terrain after 1.8 will be more […]

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