Build Off Event

On Saturday, January 18th 2014, VeteranCraft will be hosting a build off event!

Build Off?

Six teams will compete against each other to build an Igloo. Each team will be provided with a 75×75 plot, and given two hours to design and complete their build. Preparations in terms of gathering materials and basic design planning is highly recommended. One half hour before the event begins, players will be handed container permissions so that they may begin ferrying over materials and tools.

Builds will be judged on the following;

  • Use of “igloo” materials.
  • Overall ascetics.
  • Interior design.

Please keep in mind that as this is an Igloo build off event. We expect your primary build materials to be snow and ice.

Event Info

Build Off
Saturday, January 18th 2014
6:00PM Eastern
Warp in Vetropolis Plaza 


First – §12,000.01
Second – §10,000.00
Third – §8,000.00 


1. Donor perks are permitted
2. Contestants must be on one half hour before the event begins


Q: How do I sign up?
A: Click this!

Q: Will materials be provided?
A: Yes. Players will be provided with one chest of snow, and one chest of ice. Players will also be provided with one set of diamond tools, including a silk touch pickaxe in case of misplaced ice.

Q: May I bring my own materials?

Q: How long will we have to plan and build?
A: Two hours.

Q: Can I watch?
A: Yes, the warp at Spawn leads to the viewing platform.

Q: How large are the build plots?
A: 75x75x258

If you have a question not addressed here, please ask via the sign up thread here.

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