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VeteranCraft’s One Year Anniversary Event & Livestream

Minecraft Hunger Games & Spleef

Can you believe it’s been 1 year already?  This will be Veterancraft’s second community event, but more importantly, it’s one year anniversary event! 12 or 16 opponents will face off to find out who the winner of this huge event is. Time and Place It will take place right after the 3:07  P.M. PST. restart. […]

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VeteranCraft Build Off #1

Hello, this is ryanpitts. I am here to bring you Vetronia’s first Build-Off! This is where five to six competitors will build to the best of their capabilities to win great rewards. Time and Place The time will be at 3:00 PST on June 2 (Saturday). The place to meet will be at spawn in […]

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