On Saturday February 1st, 2014 VeteranCraft will be hosting the first of many ArrowBlast events. This event takes place in a custom created Arena built by our very own Palthor of Palmanova.


ArrowBlast is an archery based game that makes use of redstone mechanics to provide teams with an in-game goal. Your goal is to use your bow and arrow to activate the redstone lamps behind the enemy’s half of the Arena. You can do this by either directly shooting the pressure plate recessed under the lamp, or by shooting the top half of the block the pressure plate is on. You may not cross the opposing team’s offside line to do so (Residence will prevent it, at any rate). If you die, you may return to the Arena via the custom team warps at /spawn. These custom warps will bring you to your team’s locker room, where you may suit up and rejoin the fray. We will be playing best out of three, so that players aren’t penalized the first round for getting accustomed to the game play.

ArrowBlast Event Information

Saturday February 1st, 2014
6:00PM Eastern
Warp Sign at Spawn


  • Players may attack members of the opposing team *only* using the provided bow.
  • If a player is defeated they may return by using the event balloon to get back to arena.
  • Players may not cross the other team’s boundary line.
  • Players may remove the arrows that active their team’s lamp by climbing the ladders.
  • Winning is the result of activing all of your enemy’s lamps.
  • No donor perks will be permitted.
  • No outside items will be permitted.
  • Players may not equip the armor of their fallen enemies.
  • Players may equip the armor of their fallen comrades.
  • Players must be online one half hour before the event.


The winning team will be awareded 5,000.00 per player.


Q: How do we sign up for the ArrowBlast event?
A: Click this link.

Q: What items will I need for this event?
A: Nothing. All items are provided.

Q: Will I need food for this event?
A: No.

Q: I am a donor, may I use my donor perks such as /heal and /jumpto?
A: No. No donor perks are permitted.

Q: I have a question not answered here, or something I would like clarified. Where do I ask?
A: As in this thread, so that those not online when you ask may also review clarifications. 

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