Archery Event

On Sunday, February 15th 2015 VeteranCraft will be hosting an Archery event.


The goal of the game is simple – get a higher score than other contestants! The targets are arranged in a three by three grid. To activate the game a contestant must stand in the middle of the raised platform. Moving from the pressure plate will cause the game to reset. Once the game is activated ten targets will uncover one at a time. Each time a target is uncovered a lamp on the bottom row of the scoreboard will illuminate. Each point a contestant earns will illuminate a lamp on the top row of the scoreboard.

Contestants will be given three rounds each, with their highest scoring round entered into the contest.

Archery Event Information

Sunday February 15th, 2015
6:00PM Eastern
Event Balloon at Spawn

Between now and the event we’ve set up the Event Balloon at /spawn so that players may practice their aim. We have provided complimentary bows and arrows – but please only take what you need, and return any unused items.


  • No donor perks will be permitted.
  • No outside items will be permitted.
  • Players must be online one half hour before the event.


Each player who scores ten of ten will receive 10,000.00 shillings. If no perfect score is acheived, the player(s) with the highest score will be awarded 5,000.00 shillings each.


Q: How do we sign up for the Archery event?
A: Fill out the form below and post it on the forum thread!

What time do I need to be online?:


Q: What items will I need for this event?
A: Nothing. All items are provided.

Q: Will I need food for this event?
A: No.

Q: I am a donor, may I use my donor perks such as /heal and /jumpto?
A: No. No donor perks are permitted.

Q: I have a question not answered here, or something I would like clarified. Where do I ask?
A: Ask in the forum thread associated with this blog post.

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