1.8.6 Migration Status

The migration is coming down to the wire. From a project viewpoint, we are about 9 days behind schedule due to unanticipated resource limitations. Fortunately, the migration plan was conservative and included several non-game and optional items that can be set aside for the moment.

The sad news is that the migration will not include everything we had hoped for. The good news is that is doesn’t matter. From our members’ perspective, the migration will still:

  • Host a static version of Vetronia on its own server. The world can be visited and traversed but not built in.
  • Arda, The Nether, The End, and Seraphs Realm will be updated (not reset) to 1.8.6.
  • A new 1.8.6 version of Outer Reaches will replace Seraphs Realm as the active secondary world.
  • Seraph’s Realm will be decommissioned 30 days after the opening of Outer Reaches.
  • All servers will be located in our new OVH data center.

However, it is still a tight schedule. The migration will most like occur sometime late, late Sunday (EDT) evening. There is a small chance that it might be pushed back another 24 or 48 hours; it all depends on whatever gremlins get in the way. Then again it may happen as soon as midnight tonight. It is mostly a matter of labor. Mudwog is on the other side of the planet away on business. I’ve got a few interns standing by to do some grunt work. The more they can help, the sooner it will happen.

As soon as we are ready to migrate, we will issue a 30 minute warning. I wish I could give an exact time or longer warning period, but I do not want us to lose any steam. The final migration should take no more than 3 hours. Keep an eye on the forums and Twitter for more news.

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