But do not feed the geeks! Did I just say that?

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We apologize for the downtime.

We had to turn the power off on our engineers to stop them from burning daylight; that, or we would have had to shoot them. Having been appropriately refocused, they are now busily working at deploying our new infrastructure.

Unfortunately, that meant we had to take all services down -- website, forums, Spigot servers, etc. Do not worry, we have full backups. Everything will be restored as before, but running on our new servers and PaaS system.

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What is being done?

First and foremost, we are deploying our new servers using the latest and greatest Intel Xeon processors. While our 2015-era systems could have worked as well, this temporary shutdown would still have been required. Since the cooling fans were getting dusty, why not upgrade the hardware as well?

Running a close second, is the update of our virtualization system. As with our old servers, OpenVZ 6 would have continued to worked; however, we would have missing out on advances in virtualization. Sadly, the migration path to a newer version was fraught with issues and feature changes that did not align with our requirements.

Hence, we decided to step into the mainstream and leverage our Docker knowledge to design a flexible and scalable environment suitable and capable of providing features unique to Minecraft servers. As with OpenVZ 6, Docker provides us with a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment, but with better features, flexibility, and performance.

Docker is not a panacea, it has its own unique needs and ways of accomplishing things; but, we find that as long as it continues to grow and incorporate lessons learned, it will be an environment that will keep VeteranCraft agile for years to come. We have been busy over the past few months, testing various architectures and configurations to find the best suited for our needs. We have developed new tools or converted older tools to help with all aspects of maintaining a viable system upon which we can build and deploy new and exciting services.

Is this the 1.12.2 Upgrade?

We would love to say "Yes," but no, it is not. However, it is an integral step to getting to the 1.12.2 update. Once we come back up, all services from website to Spigot servers will be the same as before. However, we can then, get the testing process rolled out fairly quickly and be done soon thereafter.

When Will Services be Up Again?

Well... When we started last Sunday (11/12/17), there was an expectation that we would have been up by now. However, Murphy has been working overtime. It is not so much an issue of problems, but rather the unique differences between a development and production environment.

In Sum

I would like to say more, but I have had a horrendous track record over the past year. The only thing that I will add is that my personal goal is to have our old system up by the start of Thanksgiving. Dang, I think Murphy's ears just perked up, shhhh.... let us be very quiet...

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